Saturday, April 5, 2014


I have taken on a full time day job to pay the bills.  That takes up quite a bit of what used to be studio time.  Still I manage to spend time in the studio at least a day a week--teaching, firing kilns and making things in clay.  Lately I have been fascinated with turtles but that is another post.
Thrown leather hard cylinders

This post is for Tiffany--the lady who requested a super large bubble cup and asked if I took pictures of the process.  Here are a few.  In the picture above are the thrown, leather hard cylinders.  I have pulled their handles and am ready to trim their feet.

Below in the wheel head is a freshly trimmed cylinder.  I use three different trimming blades on these kind of feet.  One is pictured.


Handles and cylinders

The cups pictured above are now completely dry and will be biscuit fired this week end.  From there they will be glazed then fired again.

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