Saturday, July 7, 2012

Last Years Hedge Apples

Things have been slow in the studio for me these days.  I now have two part time jobs which is great.  I can pay the rent.   One job, a challenge, is an interim contract for the City of Kettering Rosewood Art Center.  I am doing their firings, making glazes and cleaning and organizing their studios.  All this keeps me happily occupied--yet my own work in clay has slowed.

The halves

Press molds
Well I have been in the studio for a bit this week.  I am trying out last years hedge apple molds at someone's request.  She would like a ceramic hedge apple--bright chartreuse and that sounds kind of fun--so here are a couple pictures of the start.  I have pressed 8 halves.  Tomorrow I will bring them together


  1. Love the looks of them (chartreuse?! Yum!). But what are Hedge apples?
    Did Buffalo Bill get fired etc. He looks so cool in his green state.

    1. smart cat thanks for the reply and sorry to take to long to answer. Google has confused me with the changes and I am only now getting to them. I will post Buffalo's finished picture a little later today.