Friday, January 20, 2012

Never Really Looked at a Bison

Slab Silhouette

Lisa with her boney box
It is January and things are cold and slow and yes it is a good to return to the studio.  I am pleased to say I can now sit down and work on small projects.  I have many mugs, three yarn bowl kitties, three yarn bowl owls, two yarn bowl elephants and one llama (yarn bowl) in process.

Among this bestiary comes something unconsidered by me.  What about"a buffalo in ..a sitting position?" My internet knitting friend, Pam the knitter asked.  She has a blog. You will find her at Yarn Goddess  so always a sucker for a challenge I proceed.

First stop was Google.  I've seen bison but have never really looked at a Bison.  As structures they are amazing.  They have all this mass up front--especially in their heads.  With all that bulk in front I find it amazing that they don't fall on their faces.

I have decided to do the buffalo form with slabs and pictured above is it first assembled.  It has a way to go as Lisa, one of the studio potters, can attest.  Her best guess as to what it was "Well . . . it's an animal."

OK so there are things yet to be done with this bison/buffalo so hang on to your britches.  This critter will get some haunches, a beard, horns, a face and so on.

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