Saturday, January 21, 2012

Buffalo Now Has A Face

Work in progress

Side view
I had some time today to get into the studio and with the help of a couple images I have done some more work on Mr. Bison.  He now has a face, a tail and some haunches.  He is still hornless but they have been formed and wait until they are firm enough to be attached.  After that I shall see if he needs ears.


  1. He is definitely a bison now....they are odd looking critturs aren't they? I think musk oxen run them a close second.

  2. Thanks! and yes they are odd looking--yet I have come to see them as majestic

  3. I'm the intended recipient of the bison. Yes, they are indeed majestic, as well as beautiful. They're also extremely fast in spite of all that bulk. Jean Ann, you're doing an amazing job on Bill (gotta name my creatures). I also have a project just waiting for him to carry. :)

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