Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quieter Studio These Days

New Home With Wee Three Christmas Pigs In Front
Things are quieter in the studio these days because I have been getting floors put in and painting and moving boxes into my new home.   I will be able to move myself in once the bathroom is finished and that waits for tile (ceramic of course!)  to arrive.  All said and done I anticipate moving in by mid January 2013.

Meanwhile, here is a snowman I made a couple days ago all perky with his mug handle mouth and bubble cup shard eyes.

Snow guy

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Owl And the Pussycat

Things are quite busy for me these days--I work almost full time for a local Kroger (photo lab) and spend studio time in between.   I am preparing for my annual Christmas season mug sale and continue building more complex yarn holders.  This past week I began two more owls and two more kitty yarn bowls.  Pictured are a couple--just finished this eve.  I hope to have them glaze fired by November.
Owl and the Pussycat

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Buffaloes

Buffalo Bill
Sluggish Blogger here.  It was earlier this spring when the buffaloes where finished.  Buffalo Bill was the first.  He was super sized and made to hold a ball of yarn. I made him for Pam the knitter.  Once I saw him though.  I wanted one of my own.  So that is when I put Junior together.  He (Junior) was not made to hold yarn which is just fine for me.
So the rest of the story on the buffaloes is Bill has made his way to Pam the Knitter where he lives quite happily.  Junior remains in Ohio with me and is OK with that.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Last Years Hedge Apples

Things have been slow in the studio for me these days.  I now have two part time jobs which is great.  I can pay the rent.   One job, a challenge, is an interim contract for the City of Kettering Rosewood Art Center.  I am doing their firings, making glazes and cleaning and organizing their studios.  All this keeps me happily occupied--yet my own work in clay has slowed.

The halves

Press molds
Well I have been in the studio for a bit this week.  I am trying out last years hedge apple molds at someone's request.  She would like a ceramic hedge apple--bright chartreuse and that sounds kind of fun--so here are a couple pictures of the start.  I have pressed 8 halves.  Tomorrow I will bring them together

Friday, March 9, 2012

Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill is on the top shelf (of course!) and he is bone dry and ready for his trip to the kiln.  He will be biscuit fired this coming week.  From there he gets glazed and fired in the gas kiln.  That kiln is a large one so it will be about the end of March by the time he makes it through his glaze firing.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Bison, Now Constructed, Waits For The Kiln

Here he is in the green state with his last bits added and subtracted.  From here he goes back under the plastic to dry slowly.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Buffalo Now Has A Face

Work in progress

Side view
I had some time today to get into the studio and with the help of a couple images I have done some more work on Mr. Bison.  He now has a face, a tail and some haunches.  He is still hornless but they have been formed and wait until they are firm enough to be attached.  After that I shall see if he needs ears.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Never Really Looked at a Bison

Slab Silhouette

Lisa with her boney box
It is January and things are cold and slow and yes it is a good to return to the studio.  I am pleased to say I can now sit down and work on small projects.  I have many mugs, three yarn bowl kitties, three yarn bowl owls, two yarn bowl elephants and one llama (yarn bowl) in process.

Among this bestiary comes something unconsidered by me.  What about"a buffalo in ..a sitting position?" My internet knitting friend, Pam the knitter asked.  She has a blog. You will find her at Yarn Goddess  so always a sucker for a challenge I proceed.

First stop was Google.  I've seen bison but have never really looked at a Bison.  As structures they are amazing.  They have all this mass up front--especially in their heads.  With all that bulk in front I find it amazing that they don't fall on their faces.

I have decided to do the buffalo form with slabs and pictured above is it first assembled.  It has a way to go as Lisa, one of the studio potters, can attest.  Her best guess as to what it was "Well . . . it's an animal."

OK so there are things yet to be done with this bison/buffalo so hang on to your britches.  This critter will get some haunches, a beard, horns, a face and so on.