Monday, August 15, 2011

A Few Pictures From First Friday

There is a new place for art studios in Middletown Ohio.  Strange, I know.  I have lived in Middletown Ohio for over 20 years and art is not what one thinks of first when one thinks of Middletown Ohio.  First I would think of industry, steel and paper mills.  Yet it was in Middletown where first I was introduced to art in the practical clay studio in the Middletown Fine Arts Center, Middletown Ohio.   From there I earned a Bachelors Fine Arts at Miami. Back to the new place for art.  It is called the Pendleton Middletown. You can find me there.  I am in a studio gallery of 10 artists.  We take turns, three at a time per month in the gallery 108.  It is called Artique2.  It is my month this August along with Trey and Ken.  Here are a few images from Fridays opening.
gear head pig



a gallery view

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