Sunday, January 24, 2010

About RTC

RTC (Royal Tea Culture) is a name I have given to a series of tea pots, tea cups & all things ceramic, made for tea. What got me started is seeing all the Japanese, Korean and Chinese tea ware. They are all so lovely and refined. I found myself wanting to make those things. Yet, there is no honest way for me to make "copies" of those things. As a result, I began to ask "What can I make that is unique to me and to my culture?" I decided I could create new territory--a different land born of my own experience and imagination. That way it would truly be mine. Hence RTC. In this series, by my decree, the pots must live by certain rules.

1. The pots are to be unique and reflect their maker, her culture and location. (ie hedge apples, surface marks and glaze surfaces all created from things in my location)
2. Mark(s) of the maker, tools, and the process of making form and surface are to remain.
3. In the making of these pots the maker is to slow down, get off the wheel and make these pots quite directly by hand.
4. These pots for tea are required to function in spite of their character.


  1. Your RTC sounds like a series to follow! I look forward to seeing your creations!

  2. Thanks Gina! Time to put down this coffee and warm up that cold studio.