Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Raku

About raku firings--I have fun with them but have yet to be happy with my pots that come through that firing so there you have it. David who lives out in Preble County Ohio and who has the propane cylinder (& an out door mud oven) wanted to do a raku firing. He had 3 large tiles he wanted fired and convinced me (who has the burner and kiln) plus a few others to come on out and do a raku. He threw in the offer of his homegrown lamb sausage & the use of his oven to make pita bread to sweeten the deal. Then Betty offered her truck to get the kiln set up out at David's and that clinched it. Away we went


  1. Looks like it was a fun afternoon, though. Is that your face tile there in the photo that is broken?

  2. That fractured face is one of my student's--Barbara. It broke in a very complimentary way. She plans on putting it back together & was quite taken by the whole process. (Her grandson Tyler is pictured almost back to back with the propane cylinder.)