Saturday, September 5, 2009

After TeaChat

Really I have no business making a chawan. To begin with I don't believe I've ever had tea from one. Regardless I have found a particular inspiration in seeing bonjiri's hand made chawan. It reminded me of my fascination and love affair with the fruit and tree called the hedge apple.
That picture of a picture is me on a slimmer & sunnier October day a few years ago. I was collecting the lovely and lumpy fruit of the hedge apple tree.
I was in love with their form and their color. Wow their color it is such a wild chartreuse! They also have a lovely sharp, citrus odor and the trees that bear this fruit are just wonderfully gnarly.
There also is a pleasure in being around these trees. I find a quiet and dark spirit in them. It seems to me their darkness is not a scary thing. Rather it is like sitting in the darkness of a chapel with the sun streaming in though the stained glass windows. In all I had a lovely time collecting these fruit. More later on how I made press molds from them & the difficulties I had trying to join the organic fruit form and surface to the mechanical forms that came from the wheel.

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