Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Biggest OOOPS?!

Starting today Kristy a who operates the shop Simply Shiny is featuring me in her blog. One of her questions to me was "what was your biggest hand made oops?" Well I had not thought about that but there certainly have been plenty--this due to the vagaries in kiln firing.

"Biggest OOPs?" Ah yes it was not that long ago. It started when I decided to glaze some old biscuit pieces. Seems they were not the usual stoneware and it had been so long since their making I can only guess as to what clay they were. One thing for sure--they could not stand up the the high temperature in the gas kiln. Quite literally they became kiln puddles. It was pretty amazing. Of course we took pictures and to this day the melted mask pouring itself into a mug still holds a place of honor in the studio.

So--Thank you Kristy for featuring Little Pig in your blog and do, dear reader, give Kristy's shop and blog a visit.


  1. Oh, seeing that puddle makes me feel a little better about some of the awful mistakes I've made. I'd love to have such a beautiful mistake as that mask, though!


  2. Oh no! The mask seems so tragic. It almost makes sense melted, though, if that's any consolation.