Friday, June 12, 2009

Did Someone Say Giraffe?

Spring has been winding into summer here at Little Pig Pottery. I had been teaching classes in Middletown and in Kettering. Seems very few people wanted to take a pottery class in Kettering this summer so that left more time in the studio for me.

What to do--what to do? Think the idea to make a giraffe came from one of my elephant lookers "You could make a giraffe. . ."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. (It is amazing what someone can think up if it is not their project.) Well thought I'd give it a go & by gum it was fun! Giraffe faces are more complicated but that was part of the fun.

Also the spring summer procession of craft fairs are upon me. I will be at the City of Fairfeild 5th Annual Village Green Fine Art Fair Saturday June 20th. If you are in the area do drop in and say hi.

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  1. I love these! I really dig your animals.