Saturday, April 18, 2009

Elephants, Elephants

I could hold Dora responsible for this. It started quietly enough. I was going to show her how to throw a form that would become a body and feet to a pig. Don't know who but the suggestion for elephant dangled itself before us and so it became elephant. That is what Dora & I did all Thursday afternoon in Kettering's Rosewood studio, put a clay elephant together.

By that evening Leah, had given him a name--Tim. She is waiting for him to get "cooked" Aiee! I howled at Leah. "You do not cook or bake clay. He will be fired! and MAYBE he will survive."

Guess you could say one elephant was not enough. I am home in my studio and am working on elephants today (Sat) as I did all day Friday. Fun!