Saturday, April 18, 2009

Elephants, Elephants

I could hold Dora responsible for this. It started quietly enough. I was going to show her how to throw a form that would become a body and feet to a pig. Don't know who but the suggestion for elephant dangled itself before us and so it became elephant. That is what Dora & I did all Thursday afternoon in Kettering's Rosewood studio, put a clay elephant together.

By that evening Leah, had given him a name--Tim. She is waiting for him to get "cooked" Aiee! I howled at Leah. "You do not cook or bake clay. He will be fired! and MAYBE he will survive."

Guess you could say one elephant was not enough. I am home in my studio and am working on elephants today (Sat) as I did all day Friday. Fun!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Give Away!

Tonight, just after 8 o'clock I put the names of the folks who asked to be involved in my giveaway into a mason jar and shake, shake shake, shake. Roger was behind my cranky and sluggish little digital camera and recorded the results. . .And the Little Pig Pottery Give Away is--Chrissy Lemaster-Doty!

Congratulations Chrissy and thank you all who participated!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Promotional Give Away

This Easter Little Pig Pottery is having a give away. Free to one lucky recipient is a Cream Stilted Vase . Cream Vase is a decorative envelope form that is hand made from terracotta slab. Vase texture comes from power tool gears and hand carved stamps. Vase inside is clear glazed. Exterior is a combination of caramel and cream glaze. Vase can hold water but is intended as stand alone art object. Vase dimensions: 7"H x 1.5" x 6".

There are two ways to qualify for for the give away.

1. You can sign on as a customer at (this is free). This will put you on Little Pig's email list which is a quarterly news letter as to the goings on at Little Pig Pottery.

2. You can sign on as follower of Little Pig's blog. You will also need to send your email address to Little Pig. Please Title email "Easter Give Away" and send your request to This also, will put you on Little Pig's email list which is a quarterly news letter as to what's happening at Little Pig Pottery.

Drawing will be held Easter Sunday evening 8 o'clock eastern daylight savings time and winner will be announced at that time on this blog and on Twitter.

Please note that your information will be kept private & only for the use of Little Pig's news letter & you can opt out of Little Pig Pottery newsletter any time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dragon Ladies In Process

My worms pictured earlier in this blog as The Snakes have been accepted at Rosewood Arts Center for a show in 2010 and this has given me new energy to push the worms further. As serendipity would have it I was stopped in my tracks at my local library when I walked past a book titled "The Goat Sucker and the Jealous Potter" authored by Claude Levi Strauss. Yes, I had to take it home & is it a literary bone to be chewed. No, I did not finish the book to its end, not yet anyway, but what I've read has given me plenty of material.