Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gas Kiln Opening 2-29-09

Last Thursday reduction firing went off last Thursday just fine thank you. It began at 930 am and went until 6:30 pm. The cone 10 was tip touching top and bottom shelf. You just don't get much better than that. Saturday noon was our date to open. It's just like Christmas.

I was excited as this kiln load was mainly full of my pots. I was particularly interested in Three urns I had worked on. One which is slated for Matt Kennedy's site

When I arrived the others--Phoebe, Rebbecca, Norm, and Sarah were waiting. They were more than ready. The kiln was open and inside the pots and furniture were cool enough to handle. First I took pictures of the inside where I could see my three urns. They had fired off beautifully. We got a few snap shots first then "the unloading had begun"

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