Friday, January 16, 2009

It Will Be A Cold Day In Ohio

It is definitely cold outside Little Pig Pottery. I have plans for the studio today, which is a well insulated two car attached garage. Even so the wind just blows down the corridor of Daniel Ct and pushes its way through the garage door. The concrete also has a cold that sucks the warmth from any mammal. My plans are to go there. Just one more cup of coffee, another stall, before I address the inventory mess. I'm taking a couple snapshots of our two dogs.

Our? Yes, me and Roger. He is the Big Bad Wolf. Me? I am Jean Ann aka as The Little Pig. We have two rescues. Missey, who is a decrepit and cantankerous bitch and Digger--the stupid one. We all are part of this artists studio, Little Pig Pottery. Our gallery is located on the web at

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