Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Storm & Time To Throw Mugs

Today winter sent us another storm. That makes it day two. The Rog has been home from school both days and tracks in and out bringing wood, shoveling snow, listening to the weather condition reports. Me? I am in the studio throwing cylinders to make mugs. From there I trot the cylinder to the microwave--yes you read correctly. I nuke my cylinders. A 1 pound cylinder stays in for 66 seconds at 40% power. After a cool down and maybe another zap. The cylinder can be trimmed and finished with handle.
I guess this means I'm microwave dependent.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Handle Pulling

In most pottery classes I know of the first handle pulling demo has an embarrassing sexual element to it which leads to all type of ribald jokes and laughter. . . Mid afternoon in studio2 Gloria has approached the sink. She has yet to master the art of pulling handles and is going to practice. Dennis, a proficient handle puller, stands by with demo and instructions. Me? I am behind my very sluggish camera snap, snap and snap.

"Oh! Don't do this to me" moans Gloria. My colleague and instructor of the morning, Adriana leaves the danger zone and sits down. "I'll just sit over here." Then there is John. He cleans our studio and as always finds the clay studio crew highly entertaining. He has stopped for a moment to enjoy the show.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slab Urns In Process

I've been talking to Matt Kennedy of He is selling cremation urns and wants to sell some of Little Pig's urns. No I don't have any. Yes, sounds interesting, think I'll try a few. I have three assembled. They do take awhile. I've been working on these three since Friday (Jan 16th). Took a Picture.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It Will Be A Cold Day In Ohio

It is definitely cold outside Little Pig Pottery. I have plans for the studio today, which is a well insulated two car attached garage. Even so the wind just blows down the corridor of Daniel Ct and pushes its way through the garage door. The concrete also has a cold that sucks the warmth from any mammal. My plans are to go there. Just one more cup of coffee, another stall, before I address the inventory mess. I'm taking a couple snapshots of our two dogs.

Our? Yes, me and Roger. He is the Big Bad Wolf. Me? I am Jean Ann aka as The Little Pig. We have two rescues. Missey, who is a decrepit and cantankerous bitch and Digger--the stupid one. We all are part of this artists studio, Little Pig Pottery. Our gallery is located on the web at